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Budo School Culture

Budo Culture

At Budo we teach arts that were designed to improve students' lives, physical conditions and martial arts skills.
These go far beyond what is typically thought of as "martial arts" or "karate". That's why we say "Budo - Beyond Martial Arts".

The learning of martial arts and life skills go together at the school, and are somewhat inseparable from the culture they were developed in over generations. Therefore an understanding of the culture in the school is important for prospective students. The arts were developed in East Asia where respect, courtesy, community/family and civic duty are more important and expected than they generally are here.

While classes and the environment at the school are generally friendly and upbeat, the culture of respect and understanding of position within the structure is required. Students (and parents) must respect and learn to understand this culture so that the benefits can be best achieved by all students at the school. Everyone at the school is a student and no one's learning is more important than anyone else's. While every student is an individual, learning of the art is done in an active group environment. Mutual respect and understanding of one's place in the class, school and society are part of the culture at the school.

All students (and parents) who are at the school to learn and who respect everyone else's right to do the same are always shown the utmost respect (not to mention that people at the school are generally friendly).

It is also important to remember that higher ranking students are further along the path. This generally means that they have more experience, understanding and skill in the art. They also, have more responsibility since lower ranking students will automatically look to higher ranking students as examples, even if they aren't teachers. Because of their greater responsibility and experience, higher ranking students and teachers should always be treated with respect. Without them learning for everyone would be much more difficult.

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